Abadchi Company has been established in 1366 in Tabriz city and started its own efforts with the aim of activity in the field of development and cultivation.
Abadchi Comoany has passed quickly its extention and developing process with doing different constructive projects at the same time.
Now after 24years , has changed to one of the remarkable companies in the north west of the country and beside doing cultivative projects for internal companies, prepared to enter to labour markets in foreign countries.
Despite the work accumulation , designing and performing projects at , the same time the compary followed the Q.C.D principles all the time and attempts with observing quality standards and benefiting from the last technology , also with cooperating the best designing and engineering counselors , obtain its aims powerfully and successfully.
Now Abadchi company has seveval projects in hand ,small and large , in all sections of constructional installational and telecommonicational .With perspective of growing development the company has the ability of doing the largest constructional and installational operations in outside and inside of the country.
The personel of Abadchi company desire nothing but Iran's honor and flourishing condition.